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Custom team mask with magnet laynard

Custom team mask with magnet laynard

Your school name, team, or club can be added to this comfortable, adjustable fitted mask.  The magnet laynard makes it convenient to remove and replace your mask, without exposing the liner to dirty hands, pockets, or surfaces.  The laynard also helps you keep track of your mask.  We've certainly forgotten ours a time or two!  Choose your favorite fabric color from our 120-count printed cotton, over a liner that helps filter out tiny COVID particles when other precautions are followed (i.e., good fit with no gaps, social distancing, regular cleaning of your mask, etc.)


    • Fabric: 120-count printed cotton front, plus liner of 1250-count cotton or synthetic chiffon (90% poly/10% spandex, an electrostatic filter).
    • Double cotton mask has been shown to be 82% effective +/- 19 CI, for a total range of 63-100% effectiveness, if the mask has no gaps.  (University of Chicago study, Apr. 2020)
    • Cotton/chiffon combo has been shown to be 97% effective +/- 2 CI, for a total effectiveness range of 95-99%, again IF THE MASK HAS NO GAPS.
    • If the mask is not fitted properly, so there's a gap the size of a penny or more, the mask's effectiveness drops more than 50%.

    If your mask is not the right size, or you're otherwise dissatisfied with your purchase, simply text us within 15 days and let us know.  Any mask in its original condition can be returned for a full refund.  We'll be happy to make you a different-sized mask or otherwise make things right, if we can.  If not, we'll promptly refund your money.  These masks are supposed to make life easier, not more difficult!


    Masks are conveniently hand-delivered to several local schools in the Birmingham area.  Masks can also be shipped as soon as they're ready at no additional charge to your preferred mailing address.  If you order masks in bulk for a team or group, we'll notify you of any shipping charges that may apply before your mask order ships.

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