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Don’t Take Our Word For It

We ordered 4 University of Colorado masks - two women's masks in bright yellow and two men's in khaki. The colors are fantastic, and the function of these masks is great. Magnetic clasps, ear adjustments, and the nose piece help my mask fit snug and not get lost when I am running around. Thanks for helping us stay safe and healthy!

Elizabeth Harden

These masks are terrific.  You can get any logo you like, and they fit well.  They have a lanyard loop on them so that if you take them off your face, they hang on your chest - real convenient.  My wife & I got several of them with different college logos.


Colonel Steve Riethmiller

Not only are your masks attractive (we were given two in my school's colors) and well made, they are also more comfortable than other masks we have tried.  They do not constrict your nose or face. The lanyard cord allowing the mask to hang around your neck is quite handy as well.  I would highly recommend them.

Dr. Bill Wells

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