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One-of-A Kind Style

Masque handcrafted custom masks

Take a look at these examples of our custom masks. 
Think outside the box. 
Create your mask your way!

Proper Use and Care of Your Mask


A mask PLUS social distancing is a must.
Your mask must fit well, or it’s a bust.
When removing a mask, assume the front isn’t clean because COVID’s tiny particles can't be seen.
If you take your mask off, leave the front facing out,
to keep the lining safe and clean without doubt.
Wash your hands for real, 20 seconds or more,
and wash your mask every night ‘fore you snore.
Use Dawn liquid or laundry detergent for certain.
Don’t use bleach, or your mask will be hurtin’.
Hanging your mask to dry will help it the most.
And don’t iron right on the letters, or they’re toast.


The Story of Masque, Inc.

Alabama's Premium Handcrafted Masks

Masque, Inc. began with a family that enjoys sewing, art, and creativity.  Inspired by Lady, our special mother and grandmother, we examined hundreds of online videos and articles looking for a high-quality homemade mask pattern, including guidelines from hospitals accepting homemade masks.  We wanted to go out in public and send our children to school with more confidence, wearing a comfortable, well-fitted mask made of highly-rated fabrics and tight weaves.

We've crafted a good, lightweight mask that we want to share with you and your family and friends. 


Commonly Asked Questions

Why buy these masks?

We researched and carefully chose our fabrics:  120-count printed cotton front, with a robust liner of 1250-count cotton or synthetic chiffon (90% poly/10% spandex, which is an electrostatic filter).

Double-layer cotton masks like ours have been shown to be 82% effective +/- 19 CI, for a total range of 63-100% effectiveness, if the mask has no gaps.  (University of Chicago study, Apr. 2020).

The cotton/chiffon combo we chose has been shown to be 97% effective +/- 2 CI, for a total effectiveness range of 95-99%, again if the mask has no gaps.  (University of Chicago study, Apr. 2020). 


We made it a priority for our masks to fit properly.  If your mask does not fit properly, and there's a gap the size of a penny or more, the research shows your mask's effectiveness drops more than 50%.

What are the payment options?

Send a convenient online payment through Venmo to @HelenKathryn-Downs, PayPal to PayPal.Me/hkdowns7, or by credit card. 


If you attend VHHS, you can text Kathryn Stuart "KK" Smith and arrange to pay in cash.

What is your return policy?

If your mask is not the right size, or you're otherwise dissatisfied with your purchase, simply text or contact us within 15 days to let us know.  Any mask in its original condition can be returned for a full refund.  We'll be happy to make you a different-sized mask or otherwise make things right, if we can.  If not, we'll promptly refund your money.  Our masks are supposed to make your life easier, not more difficult!

 How do I make sure my mask fits well?

The fit of your mask is crucial to whether it works.  The effectiveness of your masks is cut in half if you have a gap the size of a penny anywhere - near your nose, sides of the mask, or chin piece.  To improve the fit, shape the wire nosepiece tightly to your nose and cheeks.  Adjust the ear straps, moving the bead or redoing the knot to minimize gaps on the sides of the face and chin.  If you can't eliminate a gap, contact us, and we'll work with you to get your mask to fit.

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113 High Crest Road
Pelham, AL 35124

(205) 952-7332

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